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Hony (Guangdong) New Materials Co., Ltd. now has the first domestic polymeric emulsion silicone oil, submicron emulsion, functional vegetable oil micro-reactive modification, transdermal drug delivery four core technologies

Silicone oil polymerization emulsion technology

The use of the first domestic polymerization emulsion silicone oil technology, polymerization and emulsification, product particle size control at about 100nm; Ultra-thin film on the hair, soft wet hair, light dry hair.

Transdermal drug delivery technology

Three major transdermal drug delivery technologies, to solve the difficult problem of transdermal drug delivery, to achieve maximum efficacy.

Oil submicron emulsification technology

The use of exclusive submicron emulsification technology to achieve ultra-fine oil with a particle size of less than 200nm.

Efficacy plant oil microreactive technology

make plant oil get rid of the traditional shackle, regain a new life, change its application pain point of adding a lot of inevitably rind in O/W type products, its chemical structure liquid, phase chromatogram detection has not changed, which makes the efficacy of plant oil itself in the product get perfect release.



Sewage Treatment System

 Hony (Guangdong) New Materials Co., Ltd. has become a technology enterprise integrating research and development, sales, production and technical support. The company has always adhered to the development concept of "leading from innovation" and is committed to creating a competitive advantage in the industry with leading technology. It owns Guangdong Wanxiang Baocheng Industry Co., LTD., Jisi Mei Chuang (Guangzhou) Technology Co., LTD., and Shanghai Jiutai Biotechnology Co., LTD. 
Among them, the marketing center and application R & D promotion laboratory are set up in Guangzhou and Shanghai respectively, the production base Wanxiang Baocheng is set up in Zhaoqing, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the annual output of 30,000 tons; The factory adopts fully automated production mode and intelligent warehousing, focusing on the production and manufacturing of cosmetic raw materials, and is committed to building a global green cosmetic raw materials factory.

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