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in-cosmetics Brazil 2023

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in-cosmetics Brazil 2023

Hony's first exhibition 

at In-cosmetics® Latin America-2023 ended successfully

Exhibition introduction

In-cosmetics® Latin America is the largest and most professional international exhibition of personal care raw materials and ingredients in Latin America. Held annually in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the show showcases the beauty of collaboration, connecting producers of raw materials, fragrances, laboratory equipment, testing and regulatory solutions with buyers of personal care brands, formulators, brand owners and researchers , provides an excellent opportunity platform for the Latin American R & D community, and is a must-miss event for raw material suppliers to explore the Brazilian market; it also provides industry insiders with comprehensive educational opportunities and scientific and technological breakthroughs, trends and related trends in the cosmetics industry and Regulation.


Exhibition overview

图片19 图片20 Hony company-logo(长)

Our booth number: L90

Networking and Knowledge Exchange

This time at the in-cosmetics®latin america exhibition in Brazil, Hony team brought a variety of self-developed new raw materials and corresponding application solutions, fully demonstrating the scientific and technological capabilities and innovation of China's personal care product raw material suppliers, attracting the attention of the audience. Many merchants stopped to inquire and negotiate in depth, and the exchange of ideas was electric, as industry professionals from around the globe gathered to discuss and deliberate the future of cosmetics raw material,creating wonderful sparks. Our booth became a dynamic arena for the synthesis of new partnerships, learning opportunities, and the sharing of a vision for a more sustainable industry.

In the golden autumn of September, we received enthusiastic feedback in the warm Brazil! At the exhibition, merchants spoke highly of Hony's rich product layout and inspiring application solutions, making Hony's products known by more international companies and recognized by more Latin American customers.

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Looking ahead

New products are coming out, and the future is promising.

The exhibition ended perfectly. We would like to thank our customers for their recognition and support of Hony products, and thank all participants for their participation and feedback. It is the enthusiasm and curiosity of our customers and partners that drive our continuous pursuit of excellence. The passion in Brazil continues to burn, and the excitement of the exhibition will continue. During November 7-9, in-cosmetics® asia, Hony New Material will invite you to share a beauty feast in Bangkok, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the future.

Please keep in touch with us to learn more about the latest information and join us. We will continue to provide you with more, better and more sincere services and experiences.


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