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In-cosmetics Asia 2023Bangkok ended successfully

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In-cosmetics Asia 2023Bangkok ended successfully

In-cosmetics asia 2023 ended successfully

In-cosmetics Asia is one of the largest cosmetic and personal care raw materials exhibitions in Asia,held annually in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a grand event that attracts many domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors.


The exhibition showcases the latest cosmetics and personal care raw materials, technologies and services, including cosmetics raw materials, personal care raw materials, fragrances and flavors, cosmetics packaging and other products and services. Exhibitors can display their products and technologies at the exhibition, communicate with cosmetics and personal care industry professionals from all over the world, expand their business and explore the market.

At this exhibition, Hony (Guangdong) New Materials Co., LTD, showed up in Bangkok with a variety of products. New and old customers were pouring in during the exhibition with in-depth cooperation negotiations.




Hony divided the product display into three areas, they were Haircare, Skincare and Homecare.

We are not only showing our flagship products, we are also showing our newly developed products to the outside world.


Thank you for your recognition and support, we are looking forward to seeing you again.

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