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2023PCHi Guangzhou

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2023PCHi Guangzhou

2023 PCHi Guangzhou Exhibition Ended Successfully

After two years, PCHi 2023 came to a perfect end! Three-day exhibition, although short, but wonderful last! Let's review the wonderful moments of the exhibition!

Exhibition Profile

With China occupying a central position in the global market, PCHi (China International Cosmetic Personal and Supplies Ingredients Exhibition) also provides a platform for domestic and foreign raw material suppliers to communicate with manufacturers of cosmetics, personal care and home care products. 

The event rotates annually in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions, two of the wealthiest regions in China and regional production centers for the personal care, cosmetics, toiletries and home care industries. PCHi brings together formulators, manufacturers, R&D technologists and senior executives from around the world.


Activity Review

PCHi 2023 was grandly held at the China Import and Export Fair Pavilion from February 15 to February 17, and Hongyi was invited to participate. This is an exhibition that has finally reopened after a two-year delay due to the pandemic. While we are in close contact with our customers during this time, it is still exciting to be reunited at an industry event. With its unique grand exhibition hall design, innovative high-quality products, and professional and technical personnel's explanation services, customers can intuitively understand the development concept and product advantages of Hony, and achieve complete success.



Hony's Booth Site Map

Into our booth, some customers are asking about product characteristics and efficacy, some are understanding market dynamics, and some have been negotiating cooperation with the company and professional technical service personnel are actively and patiently answering customers' questions.

      图片4  图片5  图片6  图片7

                                                                                         图片11  图片8

Raw Materials and Products Loved by Customers

1.Raw Materials

      图片12  图片13  图片14

Polymer emulsion silicone oil(Hony101A、Hony 102A):

The unique conditioner forms an ultra-thin film on the hair, making wet hair soft and dry hair light. Combined with the formulation technology, it enhances the elasticity of hair and makes the product easier to achieve the effect of oil control and fluffy.

Efficacy envelope (Hony SA):

The products developed by special packaging technology have the functions of sterilization, dandruff removal, exfoliation, oil control and acne removal. The anti-dandruff effect of 0.3% Macrowing SA is equivalent to 0.3%OCT/ or 1%ZPT (third party detection data).

Cationic softening agent(Hony SP-90):

A new generation of cationic softener suitable for preparation as liquid products. Its concentrated product can reach 30%. The emulsion preparation is convenient and the formed emulsion is stable.

2.Product Display

      图片15  图片16  图片17

Conditioning hair mask:

Unlike traditional cream conditioners, it presents a translucent, moisturizing texture that makes hair smoother and more supple. It not only has excellent washing feel, but also gives the product a more beautiful appearance.

Oil control fluffy shampoo:

Shampoo new experience. Experience unprecedented lightness, oil control, fluffiness, softness, smoothness and brightness. At the same time, we take into account the diversification of scalp care, skin care and naturalization, to achieve close to nature, light luxury experience.

Moisturizing shower gel:

Moisturizing experience from concept to effective realization, the details are carefully crafted to create the ultimate experience. Rich and delicate foam, as creamy mousse silky, not slippery, not tight, easy to rinse, moist not greasy.

Future Expectations

Three days may be a little short. If you missed our exhibition, that's okay. A steady stream of people let us see that the daily chemical industry has fully recovered. Hony has been recognized by the industry and has gained a firm foothold in the industry. The end of the daily chemical industry producing more influential, innovative and competitive products and exhibitions is also the beginning of our cooperation with you.

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