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2023 PCHi Guangzhou ended successfully

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2023 PCHi Guangzhou ended successfully

2023 PCHi Guangzhou ended successfully

After two years, PCHi 2023 ended perfectly! During three days exhibition, although the encounter was short-lived, the excitement continued! Let’s review the wonderful moments of our exhibition together!

Exhibition introduction

As China takes center stage in the global market, PCHi (China International Cosmetic Personal and Home Care Products Ingredients Exhibition) also provides domestic and foreign raw material suppliers with a platform to communicate with manufacturers of cosmetics, personal care and home care products, Business platform.

The event alternates annually between the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions - China's two wealthiest regions and regional production hubs for the personal care, cosmetics, toiletries and home care industries. PCHi brings together formulators, manufacturers, R&D technology experts and senior managers from all over the world.


Activity review

PCHi 2023 was held grandly at the China Import and Export Fair Complex from February 15th to February 17th, and Hony was invited to participate. This is an exhibition that was finally reopened after two years of postponement due to the epidemic. Although we have maintained close contact with customers during this period, it is still exciting to reunite at an industry event. With its unique and grand exhibition hall design, innovative high-quality products, and professional technical staff's explanation services, merchants can intuitively understand Hony's development philosophy and product advantages, and achieved a complete success.



On-site picture of Hony booth

Walking into our booth, some customers were inquiring about product features and efficacy, some were learning about market trends, and some were already discussing cooperation with the company and professional technical service personnel are actively and patiently answering customers' questions.

       图片4  图片5  图片6  图片7

                                                                                          图片11  图片8

Raw materials and products loved by customers

1.Raw materials

       图片12  图片13  图片14

Polymerized emulsified silicone oil (Hony 101A, Hony 102A):

A unique hair conditioner that forms an ultra-thin film on the hair, making wet hair soft and dry hair light. Combined with formula technology, it enhances the elasticity of hair, making it easier for the product to achieve oil control and fluffy effects.

Efficacy wrap (Hony SA):

A product developed using special wrapping technology to sterilize, remove dandruff, exfoliate, control oil and remove acne. The anti-dandruff effect of 0.3% Hony SA is equivalent to 0.3% OCT/or equivalent to 1% ZPT (third-party testing data).

Cationic softener (Hony SP-90):

A new generation of cationic softener, suitable for formulation into liquid products. Its concentrated product can reach 30%. It is convenient to prepare emulsion and the formed emulsion is stable.


       图片15  图片16  图片17

Conditioning Hair Mask:

Different from the traditional milky white conditioner, it presents a translucent and moisturizing texture, making the hair smoother, smoother and softer. It not only has excellent washing feel, but also gives the product a more beautiful appearance.

Oil-Controlling Fluffy Shampoo:

A new experience in shampooing. Experience an unprecedented lightness, oil control, fluffiness, softness, smoothness and bright feeling. At the same time, we take into account the diversification, skin care and naturalization of scalp care to achieve closeness to nature and a light luxury experience. .

Moisturizing shower gel:

The moisturizing experience is realized from concept to effective, and the details are carved to create the ultimate experience. The foam is rich and delicate, as silky as cream mousse, not slippery or tight, easy to rinse, moisturizing and not greasy.

Future prospect

In just 3 days, it may be a little bit rushed. If you missed our exhibition, it doesn't matter. The endless flow of people allows us to see that the daily chemical industry has fully recovered. Hony has been recognized by the industry and is firmly in the industry. The daily chemical industry produces more influential, innovative and competitive products and the end of the exhibition is the beginning of our cooperation with you.

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