Hony MAP Laureth-3 Phosphate
INCI Name: Laureth-3 Phosphate
CAS No.: 25852-45-3

Product Description
Hony MAP is as clean lotion basic raw materials and development of fatty alcohols acid type phosphate. Add proper alkali neutralization to use, solid or paste net lotion general use sodium salt, transparent liquid products with potassium or triethanolamine salt. This product is low toxicity, small excitant, can be applicated in neutral pH value, after washing the skin pH value without changing, and won't be excessive skimmed. Mild effect to skin, hair, after washing, feel smooth, without tight feeling.

Hony MAP is also with emulsification, dispersion and solubilization function, it can be role as emulsifier in cleaning cream, facial cleanser after neutralized with alkali. To avoid pectization, glycol, propylene glycol, 1.2-butyl glycol, etc should be added during the neutralization.
This product neutralize with AES, alkenyl sulfonates can be made into good performance of products.

Appearance (25℃)
White or slight yellow solid
Solid content (%)
90 Min
Acid value (mgKOH/g)
195 - 215

Suitable for facial cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, baby shampoo, hand sanitizer, shaving products etc.

Neutralization Steps
1. With 3 - 4 times in advance of the water to dissolve KOH for spare;
2. Hony MAP and the rest of the water mixing and dispersing;
3. Stir and mix the aqueous solution Hony MAP into KOH will be dispersed, open heating;
4. Temperature is maintained at 65 ~ 70 ℃, stir until solution clear transparent, namely and finished.
· 1g Hony MAP about use of 0.24 g KOH (90%) and to neutral pH.

Packing & Storage
200kg (n.w.) packed in plastic drum
12 months guarantee, store in dry and cool place, keep away from sunshine and rain.
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