Hony Disperse FS90 (water phase)
INCI Name: PEG-26-PPG-30 Phosphate
CAS No.:  37280-82-3

Product Description
Hony Disperse FS90 is a colorless transparent or semi-transparent liquid. Disperse FS 90 is specifically designed for dispersing and stabilizing inorganic particle(including inorganic sunscreens and inorganic pigments) dispersions in water. It can reduces viscosity, allowing an increase in pigment concentration. Disperse FS90 could also provide other advantages of improved dispersion such as increased UV absorption and better transparency.
Disperse FS90 is the free acid form and requires neutralization.

1. Suitable for aqueous systems
2. Higher pigment loading
3. Potentially higher SPF or star rating
4. Potentially better transparency 
5. Improve dispersion stability
6. Potentially shorter milling times
7. Lower viscosity

1. Sunscreens products,which contains ZnO, TiO2 or other physical sunscreen components 
2. BB cream,CC cream,foundation cream such contain aqueous powder systems.
3. Nappy cream 
4. Water-based make-up products

1. Be sure to dissolve the dispersant in water BEFORE the powder is added.
2. Disperse FS90 should be neutralized to PH 6-8 before sunscreen is added,e.g.by the careful addition of NaOH.
3. Inorganic sunscreen is added under stirring and when all powder is wet, the mixture should be milled or homogenized with appropriate equipment.
4.The recommended dosage is 1/10 of the powder added (by weight) and 1/20 for nanoparticles.
By using Disperse FS90,nano powder,carbomer and anion reverse emulsion polymer can coexist in water phase.

- Room temperature and avoid of light and moisture.
- Away from toxic and hazardous substances

- 20 kg/Drum
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