PCHi 2021(24-26 March,2021), Booth No. 1E102
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Hony New Material will attend PCHI(Personal Care & Home Care Ingredients) 2021 during March 24-26th in Shenzhen.
Our booth No.: IE102
Our products list:
1. Silicone oils and emulsions
2. Amino-acid surfactants
3. Cationic conditioners
4. Ultra-micro emulsions of various oils
5. Polyglycerol Esters
6. Emollients and humectants
7. Basic ingredients
8. Suncare ingredients
9. Functional actives

With more than 19 years manufacturing experience, we now have a wide range of products, some of our products are based on order production.
Our key clients including Wipro-unza, Lamsoon, IXOM, Aekyung, etc. P&G is having a confidential agreement on our new products.

We now have 3 patents of new products, one is about the polymeric silicone emulsions and its preparation method; the other two are about ultra-micro emulsions of various oils and their preparation method.


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