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Gysmecol is a high-tech enterprise, which is specialized in cosmetics industry chain of new materials and new technology research and development and marketing.

① Focus on the R&D and applications of cosmetics technology
② Owns multiple invention patents
③ Provides formulations design of innovative techs and project customization for ODM, OEM, e-commerce, micro-commerce, etc.
④ Has strategic cooperation and technical support and sharing with major well-known enterprises
⑤ Provides products efficacy assessment

Gysmecol has close long-term cooperation with domestic / foreign many scientific research institutions. Adhere to high-tech as industry advantages of company's products, in order to cultivate first-class talent, research and development of high-quality products, to provide perfect application and promotion services as the goal, and strive to provide our customers with a full range of system solutions.     

With modern cosmetics innovative 
raw materials production base---Hony (Guangdong) New Material Co.,Ltd

Products category:
Nourishing Creamy Body Wash
Baby Care Nurishing Body Wash
Low Accumulation Luxurious Shampoo    
       (Dandruff/Refresh/Misture/Amino acid type)
Fennel Plant Dandruff Removing Patent Shampoo
Ultra micrometer Luxurious Hair Conditioner
Skin care with ultra micrometer oils                                            
(Facial mask/Toner/Essense/Lotion/Cream)


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