Product name

 Hony 101 & 102 small particle size polymeric silicone emulsion


 Product description


 Hony 101 & 102 emulsions are 57% anionic emulsions of a high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane. It improves hair slipperiness and softness, and both  wet and dry combing. This emulsion also provides excellent softness for wet hair and lightness for dry hair, it does not impact foam properties.


 Why you choose our Ultramicro Polymerized Silicon emulsion?

 1st ,  the silicone particle size is very tiny, around 100-200 nm,  so it can form a very thin film on the hair,  and that will make hair feels soft,  but we know that the normal silicone with large particle size will form a thick film on the hair, it will make hair feel thick after wash.  
 2nd, as its tiny size, the silicone in the emulsion is very stable, no lamination after 30 minutes by 3000r centrifugal after mix with water.

 3rd, it gives very good conditioning effect as its thin film, it's easy to attached on the film and more evenly.  

 4th, it’s already emulsion form, can mix with water phase easily, very easy to use.


Hony 101 & 102

Polymeric Silicone Emulsion


 INCI Name: Dimethiconol (and) TEA Dodecylbenzenesulfonate (and) C12-15 Pareth-3

 CAS: 71750-80-6 (and) 27323-41-7 (and) 68131-39-5 



 1, Hony 101 & 102 emulsion are excellent conditioning additives, Widely used in two-in-one shampoos, or used as conditioning agent to improving dry, wet  combing.
 2 , No affect to products bubble system both in quality and quantity.
 3, The biggest difference with other silicone emulsion is that Hony 101 can endow extremely wonderful softness and lubricity to hair.

 4, Hony 101 is better on softness while Hony 102 is better on smoothness.


 How to use

 Hony 101 & 102 emulsion suitable added to the formulation in 40  (104 ) and moderate mixing. Recommended dosage is 1~4%.



Hony 101

Hony 102

Solid content (%)



Internal phase viscosity (mm2 / s)

1,500,000 Min

1,000,000 Min

Particle size




Pale yellow to milky white viscous liquid

Pale yellow to milky white viscous liquid

PH Value



Suitable diluent



Emulsifier type


Anionic, Non-ionic


 Packing &storage:

 200kg (n.w.) packed in drum.

 Guarantee:The product has 18 months shelf life from the date of production, Storage below 32°(89.6°F) in seal-tight condition.


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