Product name

Hony 122  cationic silicone emulsion

Product description

Hony 122 is a 30% cationic polymeric silicone emulsion. With perfect combination of high molecular dimethicone and amodimethicone, it can bring long-lasting smoothness during flushing and softness.

Hony 122-2 

Cationic silicone emulsion


INCI NAME: Dimethicone (and) Amodimethicone (and) Trideceth-12 (and) Cetrimonium Chloride

CAS: 9006-65-9; 68554-54-1; 556-67-2; 78330-21-9 


1.Easily to be formulated into hair care products;

2.Easily diluted in water

3.Reduce combing time on wet hair

4.Make dry hair shiny and flesh,bring outstanding smoothness and softness to hair

5.With low accumulation because the silicone emulsion size is only 100-200nm.





Physical States

Milky white water-thin liquid

Solid content(Wt%)


Emulsifier type


Ph value(10% water sol)



Application method

In order to get a excellent dissolution with Hony 122-2 in the final formulation, we recommend to slowly mix it slowly at the end of the procedure at a temperature below 40°C(104°F) with continuous mixing or stirring. Recommended dosage is 0.5-10%


Packing:200kg/ plastic drum


Storage and Gurantee:

The product has 18 months shelf life from the date of production below 32°(89.6°F) temperature in seal-tight condition. 

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