Low Accumulation Luxurious Shampoo


1) Low accumulation: reduce the damage to scalp and hair follicle caused by accumulation of heavy conditioning, inhibit and reduce hair loss & breakage, return to a healthy and balanced hair follicle environment.
2) Luxurious care: make hair soft, smooth, light, elegant and shiny, even after times of use, it can keeps the same effects, which overcome the pain point (accumulation) of the regular 2in1 shampoo, so as to stimulate repeated purchasing desire. 

3) Exclusive domestic enterprise applying polymeric emulsification silicone tech.

●Types: refreshing,  nourishing, amino-acid based shampoo

●Efficiency/USP: refreshing, oil controlling, fluffy, nourishing, shiny 

●Suitable: all kinds of hair

●Patent No.: 2019108396245、2019108396423

●Experience: oil control by botanicals, hair refreshing and breathable after washing. Wet hair is super soft, and becomes fluffy and soft after drying. It is the fluffy hair with arrhizus clear and with some natural sagging. Hair is also repaired and nourished and becomes shiny.

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