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Nurishing Creamy Body Wash

●Efficiency:high oil content, rich foam, moisture, soften and smooth skin

●USP:high oil content (oil content: 5-20%), rich foam
●Patent No.: 20191089983704
1) Developed jointly with Kyoto University;
2) Exclusive domestic enterprise applying patented ultra micro emulsification tech; 
3) Various oils can be applicated in surfactant system with high dosage after ultramicro emulsified. It achieves a real wash & care 2 in 1 for skin. 


This new touch body wash, with delicate and rich bubbles, makes people pleasure and make the skin well moisturied. It can also improve 

skin elasticity and softness after long-term use. 

With plant moisturizing ingredients, the skin will not be tight but maintains moisturized and 

soft&smooth, even without body lotion.

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