How to design Affordable luxury shampoo

Main functions of an idea accessibleluxury shampoo:

1. Moderate cleaning ability:Remove excessive scalp and sebum, build-up and residual hair care components, but not excessive degreasing.

2. Excellent combing property on dry and wet hair

3. Make hair fluffy, plump,light,smooth,soft and shiny.

4. Moderate conditioning ability,less build-up on hair for a long time use.

Formula frame:

Cleaning: Surfactants

Conditioning: Oil, Ester, Cationic

Other additives: Preservative, Flavor ect

Causing hair damage factors:

1. Physical damage:daily combing and pulling

2. Thermal damage:Hair dryer, electric roller, 

3. Chemical damage:Hair dye, perm, bleach

Damage position:

1. Hair root: healthy hair, no damage

2. Middle section: local hair scales are damaged and begin to lose luster

3. Hair tips: hair scales are severely damaged, the hair is with rough surface and dull

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